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Dt. Bahtiyar ÖZTÜRK
Dentist and Founder

Dt. Bahtiyar ÖZTÜRK

Professional interests: zirconium and e-max crowns, dental implant treatments, surgical operations, application of aesthetic composites, aesthetic dentistry, impacted wisdom tooth extraction
Dt. Sülbiye ODABAŞI
Professional interests: smile design, anterior aesthetical dental filling, bonding, lamina (leaf and porcelain applications), pediatric dentistry, preventive dentistry
Uzm. Dt. Gökhan AYDIN

Uzm. Dt. Gökhan AYDIN

Gökhan Aydın, who works actively in orthodontia field since 2014, follows the latest diagnosis and treatment approaches through courses and congresses which are held in Turkey and other countries. Snowboarding, tennis and music are among his hobbies.
Her dentistry related fields of interest include: Smile Design, Zirconium Restorations and E-max Crowns, Pediatric Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Composite Dental Fillings.
Mesleki İlgi Alanları: Ön bölge estetik uygulamalar, çocuk diş hekimliği, zirkonyum restorasyonlar, beyazlatma, lamina uygulamaları ve modern endodonti.

Physician Philosophy and Other Conditions

Ethical Responsibility

Dentists should act in accordance with professional ethical principles in their professional practices, and should display a morally sensitive behavior while providing health services to their patients and the society.

Service Standard

The dentist should provide a modern and qualified oral and dental health service to his patient. He should update his knowledge and skills by participating in training programs aimed at improving his profession, and should comply with modern diagnosis and treatment methods and the principles of preventive medicine while practicing his profession.

Prevent Damage

The dentist, while providing preventive and therapeutic services to his patients, should provide the necessary conditions for the patients to benefit and not be harmed in the working environment; should take measures to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient in their professional practices and working environment.

Avoiding Discrimination

Regardless of the patient's disease, disability, gender, age, race, nationality, ethnic origin, belief, language, political view, social-cultural-economic status, lifestyle and sexual orientation, the dentist pays the highest attention and care in examination and treatment.

Respect for the Privacy of Private Life

The dentist must respect the privacy of patient's private life.

Disclosure and Consent

The dentist should not take any action on the patient without informed consent, except in cases where the patient's condition is an emergency or where it is not known that she is unconscious and refusing medical intervention.