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Welcome to our clinic!

Our polyclinic is one where all the dentistry related branches are practiced.

Mouth and teeth health are crucial for the health of the body because orthodontic medical problems could affect one’s general state of health gravely. Mouth and teeth related medical conditions that are not treated on time, could always become a menace to our vital organs.

Early diagnosis and treatment are important both for health related and financial reasons. For a long and healthy life, please take good care of your mouth and teeth.

Our Mission

As Dent Arena Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, we are determined to provide you with healthy, content, and hygienic treatments with our latest technology dentistry instruments.

With our spacious lobby, hygienic clinics and medical staff specializing in all the different dentistry branches, we hope to be a safe medical center that you could consult trustingly.

Our Vision

Our most important criteria that shape our services are to create happy smiles, healthy teeth and to help you meet your aesthetic expectations.

We try and work hard to give you the world class treatments with high standards, we follow the latest improvements in dentistry treatments and present them to you simultaneously.


Dt. Bahtiyar ÖZTÜRK

Dt. Bahtiyar ÖZTÜRK

Dentist and Founder
Professional interests: zirconium and e-max crowns, dental implant treatments, surgical operations, application of aesthetic composites, aesthetic dentistry, impacted wisdom tooth extraction