Smile Design

Aesthetic dentistry concerns not only about the look, the color, the shape of the teeth but also concerns about the gums, the jawbone, the tongue, the lips, the jaw, and their place in human psychology. The Smile Design is a very important part of aesthetic dentistry. With this procedure, our physicians design a new smiling look for the patient considering their face, mouth, and bone structure.

Teeth Whitening

This is a treatment technique where the discolored or yellow -due to smoking and coffee consumption or genetics- teeth is whitened. With this procedure, the teeth look brighter, healthier, whiter, and of course, more aesthetically pleasing. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots placed into the mandible to regain the function and the aesthetic appearance of the lost teeth for various raisons. These artificial teeth are placed into the mandible thanks to screws and with the help of local anesthesia, lost teeth in terms of function and aesthetics are replaced after a painless surgical operation. One of the best advantages of dental implants is that it can be done without doing any harm to other teeth.


Orthodontia is the branch of dentistry that deals with issues like the aesthetic and anatomical structure of the teeth, correction of crooked teeth and get rid of abnormalities of the teeth and the jaw. Orthodontists determine if treatments like the use of braces or dental implants is necessary after examining teeth and mouth structure and they ensure that people have healthy teeth and mouth using these treatments.


The branch of periodontology focuses on surrounding tissues of the teeth and it consists of treatments to get rid of dental problems like sensitive teeth, gingivitis and bleeding gums. Since gingival problems can lead to more severe problems, up to the tooth loss if not taken care of, it’s vital to get the proper treatment for the general oral and dental health.


Root canal treatment is the process of repairing the infected and decayed tooth roots with the methods. Root canal treatment is based on filling the root canal after removing the damaged soft tissue and dental nerves under the hard layer of the tooth. Removing the damaged nerves doesn’t endanger the health of the tooth but it also prevents the tooth from aching. If the treatment is delayed, tooth abscesses may occur due to the infection of the nerves in the decayed tooth.

Dental Prosthesis

A dental prosthesis is an artificial tooth which is specially designed for the purpose of restoring both function and appearance of the lost teeth. Specially designed dentures according to the need of patient have many positive effects like recapturing the general aesthetic appearance, correcting the deteriorated speech and increasing the life quality.

Our Doctors

Our Medical Staff

Dt. Bahtiyar ÖZTÜRK

Dt. Bahtiyar ÖZTÜRK

Dentist and Founder
Professional interests: zirconium and e-max crowns, dental implant treatments, surgical operations, application of aesthetic composites, aesthetic dentistry, impacted wisdom tooth extraction
Dt. Sülbiye ODABAŞI

Dt. Sülbiye ODABAŞI

Professional interests: smile design, anterior aesthetical dental filling, bonding, lamina (leaf and porcelain applications), pediatric dentistry, preventive dentistry
Uzm. Dt. Gökhan AYDIN

Uzm. Dt. Gökhan AYDIN

Gökhan Aydın, who works actively in orthodontia field since 2014, follows the latest diagnosis and treatment approaches through courses and congresses which are held in Turkey and other countries. Snowboarding, tennis and music are among his hobbies.


Her dentistry related fields of interest include: Smile Design, Zirconium Restorations and E-max Crowns, Pediatric Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Composite Dental Fillings.


Mesleki İlgi Alanları: Ön bölge estetik uygulamalar, çocuk diş hekimliği, zirkonyum restorasyonlar, beyazlatma, lamina uygulamaları ve modern endodonti.

Why Us?

Some of Our Medical Treatments


It is the field of dentistry that covers all methods to protect the general oral and dental health and to treat the encountered problems (cavities, physical traumas, genetic problems) of the age group considered as child (0-13). Pedodontics aim to track the growing and development process of children’s mouth, teeth, and jaw; treat the dental problems that occur and practice preventive treatment for the possible and predictable dental problems.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral, dental, and maxillofacial surgery aims to prevent and treat problems such as diseases and deformities related to hard and soft tissues in the mouth, as well as it aims to increase the aesthetic appearance and quality of life lost by the patient. The most appropriate treatment method is selected according to the needs of the patient and the necessary surgical operations are performed under local or full anesthesia.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeries include:

• Exodontia (tooth extraction)

• Impacted or complicated tooth extraction

• Unerupted tooth extraction or (for orthodontic treatments)

• Implant Surgery

• Treatments for cists and infections in-mouth, on tongue, under tongue, in cheek and on denture

• Treatment for the cists on the root of tooth (apical resection)


Periodontology is a discipline related to dentistry that concerns about the gingival bleedings, tartar build-up, breath odor, gingival recession or gingival enlargement and their treatments. Periodontologists plan treatments for the patients suffering from these dental conditions, then educate them about mouth and dental hygiene and schedule periodical appointments to make sure the treatments are working as planned.